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Rosalinda Rivera's Faith-Fuel Podcast

Oct 28, 2021

Through this season of isolation and quarantine, some people have made solitude their comfortable norm. Today, Rosalinda Rivera encourages us to regain our affection for connection. Strengthen your bond in three key areas: Friends, Family, and the Father and allow the Holy Spirit to mold, shape and prepare you for your...

Oct 21, 2021

Rosalinda Rivera digs into the Divine placement of ten women from the Bible, reminding us that God has a design on our lives. You are a diamond, set intentionally to shine into the lives of others and make an eternal mark on the Kingdom.

Oct 14, 2021

Our words can sting. In this teaching from Bella Women’s Ministry, Rosalinda Rivera encourages us to fill up on the Word of God and let our words become satisfying, sustaining, and strengthening. Remember, the same bee that pleases with honey, punishes with a sting. Let’s be careful how we use our words.


Oct 7, 2021

Rosalinda Rivera shares a very personal prayer request today reminding “if we decree a thing, it will be established.” After running the Bible School at Lakewood Church under John Osteen, God told Dr. Gill to “resign and take it to the nations.” Get ready to be encouraged in your faith to do the works of Jesus,...